In the Locker Room with Elly Scheer, Field Hockey’s Rising Star


Courtesy of Chase Sortor

Elly Scheer runs on the field during the game against Nazareth.

Last Saturday, first-year Elly Scheer scored the field hockey team’s first goal of the season, helping it win an overtime game against Nazareth College on Oberlin’s very own Bailey Field. While she generally plays defense, her offensive goal brings hope for more victories this season. Scheer has played field hockey since fifth grade and previously played lacrosse and ice hockey as well. Off the field, she’s a prospective Sociology major who enjoys reading and spending time with her friends.

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.


How did it feel to score the first goal of the season?
Scoring my goal was definitely a remarkable moment for me, not just because it was the first goal of the season but because it was also the first goal of my collegiate career. It was also the first home game, so scoring on our own turf made it that much more special. Having the entire team run up and tackle me down to the turf was something that made my work worth it; that recognition from the players whom I look up to every day was a feel-good moment on its own.

How do you think this goal and overtime win will dictate the rest of your season this year?
The win will definitely set a tone for the rest of the season and has already motivated us to work harder to gain that same feeling again. Having the stress of an overtime game is something that our team hasn’t dealt with before, and coming out on top was really exciting. I can already see an attitude change within our practices and in the locker room — we’re striving for the next victory.

What are some of your personal goals for your first season on the team? Did scoring this goal change some of your plans for what you want to accomplish this season?
As a first-year, my goal is to live up to the expectations of both my team and my coaches. As a defender, I’m still learning my place on the [defensive] line with the returning players, and I’m aiming to make a presence on the field and show my teammates that they can count on me to do my part. My first season will set the tone for the rest of my career, and gaining respect from my team and coaches on and off the field will help elevate my game. Scoring definitely helped me gain a lot more confidence on the field. When I showed up to my first practice during preseason, I was simply trying to get playing time. Now that I have achieved that, the next step is to challenge myself to learn that it’s okay not to be perfect. Finding comfort in making mistakes is something that I’m working on to make myself a better player and challenge myself to do things that I might have been scared to do in the past.

What made you choose Oberlin field hockey when deciding on a college?
Coach Jess West and the team were so supportive throughout the entire recruitment process. I could depend on them with anything, and they were respectful of my decision regardless of the school I chose. I knew I wanted to focus more on academics than athletics, and finding a balance between the two was difficult. I knew from the moment I came to campus that this was the community I wanted to be a part of. After meeting with multiple coaches and teams, I felt like I already had a place in the OC field hockey family, which was something I hadn’t felt with any other school.

How long have you been playing field hockey, and how did you get into the sport?
I’ve played for roughly nine years now. My first coach convinced me to play club shortly after fifth grade and later inspired me to play at a higher level. I was unsure about playing in college until my junior year of high school. I still email him and update him on how my experience has been, and I dedicate my playing to him as he believed in me since day one.

What is one thing you are most looking forward to this season? How has your experience with the team been thus far?

I’m especially excited about the accomplishments my team is going to make this season. I know that we are working harder than ever to prove that we are capable of more than what the records from our previous seasons have shown. I am looking forward to the special moments I’m going to be able to share with them through each achievement. My experience with this team has been more than I could ask for, and I’ve already made memories and friendships that will last a lifetime.